Criminal Law

Protect your constitutional rights

Both the State and Federal constitutions have safeguards in place to protect citizens from intrusive law enforcement practices. David H Halley can help defend your rights.        

Rest assured that he will investigate every option to get your case dismissed or reduced for the best possible outcome.

Do you need aggressive criminal defense?

You can count on David H. Halley for knowledgeable decisions regarding any criminal defense issue. The sooner you obtain his counsel, the faster you can make progress with your case.       

If you are detained or arrested, politely assert your right to consult with an attorney before questioning. Call David H Halley immediately.

David H. Halley covers a wide variety of criminal offenses

- DUI   

- Bogus check   

- Traffic citation   

- Drug possession   

- Misdemeanor offenses   

- Summary offenses   

- Felony charges

You need an experienced attorney

David H. Halley has been practicing law for over 25 years and he will always be upfront and honest with you from the initial consultation to the conclusion of the case. Hard earned money is not wasted on frivolous requests and demands, and the satisfactory settlements can be reached.